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February 17, 2022 / Interior

Shower Tile Resurfacing

Shower tiles are subject to heavy abuse from water, soaps and frequent abrasive cleaning. To keep your shower tiles in top-notch condition, there are many options for cleaning and sealing. But to completely create a brand new look without removing the tile then resurfacing is the best solution.

Resurfacing shower tiles look like new at a reasonable cost. The result is a beautiful, low maintenance finish with fantastic longevity. Compared to tile replacement it takes so little time that it’ll be done before you know it.

Why do Shower Tiles Get Damaged?

Tile and grout are already susceptible to water damage. A shower is a place where there is water 24/7. Water can get within the pores of the grout and cause damage. In the shower, various chemical products are used such as soap, shampoo, aftershave, etc. While they might seem harmless, such products also have a role in damaging shower tiles.

Corrosive chemicals are used to clean the shower and bathtub. They also have adverse effects on tile and grout. Even if a small drop of corrosive product comes in contact with the tiles, that’s enough. Yes, the damage will be very minor but the continuous flow of water will do the rest of the damage.

Water will enter the grout and get behind the tiles. Once water gets behind the tiles, it will weaken the wallboard. It will promote mold growth and if the condition becomes severe, the tiles might fall off of the wall.

Taking care of your shower tiles is not only important for you but also for your neighbors. The water behind the wall can sneak through the concrete and damage the sealing of the floor below.

The shower is also home to a plethora of bacteria. As showers are usually considered unsanitary, damp conditions can facilitate bacterial proliferation and mold growth. The bottom line is that shower tile damage results in water leakage. Water leakage causes mold growth and mold growth damages tiles even further. This vicious cycle continues until you take a step.

How to Restore Damaged Shower Tile?

You can restore your damaged shower tiles by following the steps below:

Step 1: Remove the Tiles

Remove loose tiles from the wall using a flat pry or putty knife. Remove the tiles completely to fully expose the underlying wall. It will also give enough exposure to the tile. Don’t rush when removing tiles because you may accidentally drop and shatter the tiles. Soak the tile with warm soap water. It will make the tile easy to clean.

Step 2: Cut the Drywall and Clean with Bleach

Cut the damaged drywall beneath the tiles. Use a utility knife or wallboard saw. Remove screws, nails, and everything from the affected area. By doing this this, you will be able to clean the area more efficiently. Then clean the drywall with water and a bleach solution. It will prevent mold growth.

Step 4: Clean the Tiles

Scrape off any remaining residue from the tile pieces. If any residue persists, it will make it difficult to clean the tiles. Then thoroughly clean the tiles using a proper tile cleaning solution. There are plenty of products available in the market for tile cleaning. Each is for different tile types. Do your research beforehand or consult an expert.

Step 5: Restore the wall Beneath

Install a cement board on the drywall. Attach the cement board to the drywall using wall studs and board screws. Make sure there is a ¼ inch gap between the drywall and the cement board. Then use adhesive to join the wall joints. Allow the adhesive to completely dry.

Step 7: Attach the Clean Tiles

Reinstall the clean tiles using proper adhesives. Line up the tiles properly. After the adhesive is cured, apply the grout to fill the joints using similar grout to the original. Lastly, seal the grout using a good quality sealer.

Why Resurfacing Shower Tiles Yields the Best Results?

The procedure we just described above is not as straightforward as it sounds. First of all, it’s not a DIY project. It may seem like you can do it yourself but it’s the task of experts. If you have no prior experience, you might do more harm than good. Hiring expert technicians will cost you money.

It is also very time-consuming. The result may not be satisfactory if there’s a slight mishap. You may need to strip plumbing structures which will just increase the cost. Considering all these factors, removing and cleaning tiles is not the best way to maintain your shower tiles.

If you are thinking of reinstalling completely new tiles, the cost will be even bigger. The demolition process alone requires a whole lot of time and money. Waste collection fees, new tiles, new materials, etc. will also increase the expense.

Lastly, you have to regularly maintain the newly installed tiles to prevent mold and mildew growth. Else, all of these expenses and hassle will be in vain.

Resurfacing the shower tiles is the best way to create a brand new low maintenance look and it is better than the above two solutions. Resurfacing systems create a microcement coating on top of the tile and doesn’t show the grout depressions. Resurfacing allows no dust and requires very little maintenance as it is not porous like grout. It forms a layer over the tile and eliminates slipperiness. It also has no mildew-absorbing grout to contend with.

Why Us?

Resurfacing floor tiles is not as simple as it sounds. You have to have thorough knowledge of the installation process to create a fully functional and beautiful shower. Just knowing is not enough; expertise also comes into play. There is no fixed approach to it. You have to assess every situation individually and make a plan accordingly.

The type of product you are using is also an issue. Low-quality materials won’t last. If you want the best out of your shower tile resurfacing, the resurfacing material has to be the absolute best.

We have been in this business for quite a long time. And to ensure our clients get the best results, we only use the best products from SEMCO. SEMCO products are the undisputed best in this business. You won’t have to look any further beyond us to perfectly resurface your shower tiles.


Only the best quality product can offer the best performance and we are the best at installing them. Our commitment is to provide our clients with the best shower tile resurfacing service in Florida.

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