Tile Resurfacing Services

With our unique tile resurfacing services, you can remodel any tile without the cost, inconvenience and potential environmental damage associated with the removal of the existing tile. Enduring Surface has perfected this method through the use of the Seamless Stone system, which chemically adheres to even the smoothest tile surfaces. 

Why resurface your tile?

Tile and grout get discolored over time. It is hard to clean grout and it leaves depressions throughout the floor. Also, tile styles get outdated over time. Our tile resurfacing service eliminates grout lines and creates a more modern look. Our floors are easier to clean. Also, due to our thin our application is we don’t create issues with floor transitions, cabinets, islands, or other existing items attached to the floor.

In bathrooms, kitchens and showers, we apply our seamless stone over tile floors and walls creating a seamless finish on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Our finish is waterproof, highly durable and easy to clean.


How long does tile resurfacing take?

A typical bathroom can take as little as 2-3 days while a 2,000 sq ft house can take 5-7 days. Variables that affect the timing include the complexity of the desired finish. The amount of masking and edge work required. Larger open spaces take less time per square foot while areas with a lot of walls and edge details take more time.

Can tile resurfacing work with damaged tile?

Discolored or etched tile will work fine with our system. We can also fill in missing tiles or repair cracked tiles. If there is major structural damage or all of the tile are water logged and popping up we would recommend tile removal and abatement of the moisture causing condition before proceeding with our tile resurfacing system.

How does tile resurfacing compare to installing new tile?

If you just consider the cost of only removal of tile and replacement with new tile then it can be less expensive than tile resurfacing. This typically does not take into account the dust clean up costs and what may be damaged by removing the tile. Floor molding typically has to be removed when replacing tile and cabinets and other fastened objects may have to be moved. When chipping out tile walls and other nearby objects can be damaged. It is also a very noisy, slow and messy process.

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