Concrete Wall Finishes

Are you considering concrete wall finishes for your property? Here are some of the surfaces over which we can create beautiful decorative concrete finishes:

Block Wall Resurfacing

CMU block provide porous walls that are often painted or covered over with masonry. It is hard for most seamless coatings to hide the joints between CMU block. We specialize in hiding the joints underneath our concrete finishes. We provide waterproof coatings that are smoother and more flexible than stucco and they do not need to be painted.

Drywall Resurfacing

Whether in bedrooms, hallways, restaurants or kitchens we can make bare or painted drywall have a dramatic look. Because wallboard walls are typically very smooth it is a great substrate to create decorative seamless finishes over.

Cement board and Hardiboard Resurfacing

Most often found in bathrooms or in exterior walls cement board offers a great substrate to apply to. It is important that it is properly fastened and not flexing too much so that our finishes can keep a consistent look over them.

Tile Resurfacing

Whether on exterior walls, bathrooms, showers, or backsplashes sometimes wall tiles need to be changed. Our process is to apply directly onto the tile with approximately a 1/8″ thick finish. It is critical that where are finishes meet the edges of the work look correct so we pay particular attention to detail in these areas.


What colors are available in your concrete wall finishes?

We offer over 1,000 colors but most projects are either a shade of grey, white, beige or black.

Can this be installed on spa, sauna and steam room walls?

Yes, our finishes can withstand high temperatures and steam. We commonly apply our concrete wall finishes on floors, benches, walls and ceilings in spa areas.

Can the same finish be applied on the wall as on the floor?

Yes, our finish can be applied on floors, walls, ceilings, soffits and roofs.

If we have a really deep void, gouge or penetration in a wall can this be filled?

Yes, we can fill in deep holed, tile grout voids, concrete block voids or other irregular surfaces. Give us a call and we can confirm for you if we can solve your problem.

Do these concrete wall finishes need to be painted?

No, unlike stucco, drywall and other finishes our concrete wall finishes have integral color and do not need to be painted.

Can this be applied on properties on the beach?

Yes, unlike lime plasters, and portland cement based finishes which can have adverse interactions with salt in the air our finishes are inert and incredibly resistant to breakdown from salt.

Concrete Wall Finishes
Concrete Wall Finishes2