Floor Resurfacing

Floor resurfacing is the majority of the work that we do. So many floors in Florida become old, tired and unsafe. Instead of ripping out the old tile it is much simpler and less invasive to just resurface your floor. This also creates a seamless surface that is easier to clean and maintain. Whether you have a tile floor, concrete floor, vinyl, wood or carpet we have a customized solution for each substrate in order to create the best possible finish. 

With non-solid substrates like wood, carpet and vinyl we recommend these materials are removed to reduce the likelihood of any delamination. In many cases glues or adhesives can remain on the floor and we can apply our seamless stone material directly on top of it.


Moving in to a new House? Typical steps to floor resurfacing:

Many of our customers are just moving to Florida and are considering what to do with their outdated stone or tile floors. Here is our process:

Step 1. Information Collection

First, we perform a site visit or remotely view pictures and/or drawings of your property. We also take a detailed inventory of your goals for the project. Are you interested in improving the value of the property? Do you need to change the aesthetics of the property? Is there a safety issue that has to be addressed?

Step 2. Proposal

Once we have the project information and a thorough understanding of your goals and needs we provide a customized proposal for you to evaluate. When we write a proposal our goal is to provide maximum value from our services. We want you to be happy with the finished product for years to come.

Step 3. Mock-Up or Control Sample

Once we have received the “go ahead” to do the work we will make you a customized sample that will act as the visual guide for the project. This is typically done on an 18″ x 18″ or 24″ x 24″ sample so you can see exactly what our finished product will look like.

Step 4. Project Completion

Our goal during the project is to keep a clean work area and be minimally invasive to the operations of your property. We will protect all adjacent areas and bring the right amount of manpower to complete your job effectively and efficiently. We provide project sign-offs so that you can confirm that you are happy at each critical stage of the process.



1. How long does floor resurfacing take?

The main variables to consider are the following:

How many square feet of area is being resurfaced?

We can install a 1,000 sq ft open format floor in a day and a half but a 5’x10′ bathroom with walls and shower may take 3-4 days.

What is the substrate and in what condition is it in?

Tile has voids from the grout lines so it requires a bit more material and a bit more waiting time. Smooth concrete does not require as much time. Wooden surfaces need to be stabilized with a waterproofing crack suppression layer so that takes extra time due to the added step.

How complicated is the desired finish?

Solid color finishes require less time than polished or other decorative finishes that have borders, inlays and geometric shapes. Our textured surface for slip resistance can be installed quite quickly if there is not too much masking.

2. Does floor resurfacing have a dusty installation process?

No, all of our mixing is done in such a way as to minimize dust. We work with a wet mix when applying the material which is a dustless. Since there is no demolition required there is virtually no dust in our preparation process either.

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