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How Microcement Works To Repair Pool Tiles

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Pool tile can take a lot of abuse since it is constantly wet, exposed to the elements and takes the regular impact of pool use. The tile can become discolored, the grout can fall out and even tiles can delaminate. Here are a few solutions to repairing damaged pool tiles, including resurfacing them with microcement.

1. Regrout and refurbish the existing tile

Sometimes the simplest thing to do is just repair what is broken. If the tile has calcium deposits it can be thoroughly cleaned off. If the grout is falling out, a matching grout can be applied. It is critical to properly prepare the surface and get it fully clean before applying the new grout. The pool water level has to be lowered and the tile and grout have to be chemically treated and dried before applying additional grout. If tile is loose they must be removed and re-adhered.

2. Replace The Tile

If the tile has become outdated or so degraded that it is not worth salvaging you may want to replace it. This is not as dificult as it seems. The first step is to chip off the existing tile. This can be done with a chisel and hammer. Be sure to clean up all the debris that ends up in your pool. You can let the water level go down enough so that it does not interfere with your work. Once the surface is clean and smooth, you can apply new tile with grout. Be sure to use pool grade tile and grout.

3. Resurface The Tile (our recommendation)

If you want a completely new look with no pesky grout to deal with you may want to consider microcement resurfacing. The benefit of resurfacing your tile with microcement is that you will now have a seamless surface. There will be no grout to mess with and you can have a beautiful natural troweled surface that can be applied inside the pool as well. The benefit of using microcement in your pool is that it is much more durable and it has a completely unique look.

Marcite and Diamond Brite pools are becoming outdated and people are looking for a smoother, more resilient surface. When resurfacing your pool tile it should be done by a qualified professional with experience in applying microcement over tile.

Resurfacing is Much Faster than Replacement

When you choose to resurface your tile instead of replacing it you save a lot of time. This is what is involved in tile demolition:

Tile Replacement

  • Protect any nearby surfaces
  • Chip out the old tile
  • Chip out the mortar
  • Dispose of the waste
  • Remove the dust
  • Put down new mortar
  • Lay the tile
  • Grout the tile
  • Seal the tile

Tile Resurfacing

  • Clean the area
  • Mask the area
  • Apply the resurfacing system
  • Apply a sealer

Why Us

We at Enduring Surfaces know how to take care of your tiles. Our team of skilled technicians has mastered the art of tile resurfacing and know everything there is to know about it. Moreover, we always make sure to use top-quality materials to resurface your tiles.

Any tile can be resurfaced without requiring tons of money or the trouble of having to remove the old ones. Even the smoothest ceramic tile structures can adhere to our stone system flawlessly, providing all-around protection.


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