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February 17, 2022 / Interior

Floor Tile Resurfacing in Florida

Floor tile is one of the key factors behind your house’s appearance. Whether it is ceramic tile, porcelain tile, mosaic tile, marble or travertine the floor tile makes the first impression. Although tile doesn’t tend to get damaged easily, once it does; it calls for an immediate solution.

Resurfacing can get you better results than replacing or cleaning. Many highly efficient resurfacing materials and technologies are widely available in the market. Taking care of your tiles has never been easier.

Why Does Floor Tile Get Damaged Over Time?

Floor tiles are more punished than wall tiles. So, they have a shorter lifespan and are more prone to damage. There are several common reasons why floor tiles are frequently damaged and need servicing. Here are those:

1. Dropping Something Heavy On Them

Tiles are very durable but also fragile. Although floor tile is less likely to have something heavy dropped on it, when the unthinkable happens; the result can be disastrous. Floor tile is highly likely to crack in multiple places. Even if it doesn’t, the impact will weaken the tiles which ultimately can damage the tile with the slightest impact.

2. Low-Quality Tiles

Tile’s quality is a big issue. High-quality tiles are strong, resilient, and capable of taking a beating. If you invest in good-quality tiles, they will withstand anything you throw at them. On the other hand, weak and low-quality tiles are more prone to damage.

3. Constant Heavy Load

Household appliances are quite heavy nowadays. Besides electrical items, furniture is also quite heavy. The constant load on the tile floor causes wear of tiles. It affects the internal structure and after a long time, and an inadequate mud base, the tile surface can get damaged and may require resurfacing.

4. Crack in the Underlying Concrete

The cracking of tiles due to cracks in the underlying concrete is a common issue. The manifestation is a long crack across multiple tiles. When the underlying concrete doesn’t cure properly and doesn’t get adequate time to become hard and strong, the tile on top can get cracked.

5. Inadequate Curing of Grout

Grout holds the tile pieces together. Although many disregard it, the quality and maintenance of grout are equally important. Grout has to be cleaned regularly to ensure the longevity of the tile floor. When installing tiles, if the grout isn’t properly cured, it can damage the tiles floor as a result. In addition, grout is highly prone to staining and water intrusion.

How to Take Care of Floor Tiles?

Some basic precautions can provide long-lasting protection for your floor tiles. Here is how you can take care of them:

1. Remove Excess Dirt Immediately

To keep your tiles clean and healthy, you have to clean them regularly. Regular cleaning removes all the mild dirt, dust, and stain efficiently. If you don’t clean it regularly, the dirt gets attached firmly over time and it becomes difficult to clean the tiles properly by then.

If accidentally excess dirt falls on the floor like food, drinks, paint, mud, etc.; don’t procrastinate and clean it immediately. If you don’t clean it immediately, the stain and dirt will get attached and some of them will even penetrate the tiles and grouts. The result will be less efficient cleaning. If incidents like this keep happening, it will diminish the lifespan of the tiles.

2. Clean the Grout

Grout is the glue-type material that holds the tiles together and attaches the tiles to the floor. For properly maintaining your floor tiles, dealing with the grout is very important. Because tiles are less porous and more resilient than grouts. So, the type of dirt that can’t affect the tiles, penetrated deep into the grout and dematerialized the structure from within.

So, giving the grout is equally important if you want your tiles to be in tiptop condition. You can use baking soda to remove mild dirt from grouts. Don’t be rough when cleaning; use a soft bristle brush and apply gentle strokes.

3. Don’t Step on Tile with Shoes

To maintain the top-notch condition of floor tiles, you have to prevent dirtying as much as possible. The biggest enemy that we often overlook is dirty shoes. Shoes can bring all sorts of dirt from the outside. The weight of the individual just pushes the dirt deep into the tile and grout. Sand on shoes can scrape the surface of tile, exposing softer layers underneath.

So, get rid of this habit. Don’t step on the tiles with shoes. Ask friends and guests to do the same. If someone does come inside with shoes, clean the dirt immediately with proper materials. Clean the grout area with extra care.

4. Tile Sealing

If you like the way your tile looks and just want to clean and keep it then a proper sealing can get it looking like new again. We recommend sealers that both penetrate and create a topical layer such as RexPro (www.rexprosealers.com). These sealers are virtually incapable of staining and prevent grout and tile from absorbing contaminants and wearing prematurely.

5. Resurfacing

If you are thinking of replacing the tile completely you may want to consider resurfacing instead. This saves on the time, cost, and dusty process of removal. It also eliminates the need to remove baseboards and potentially damage floor cabinets. Resurfacing with a seamless surface such as Semco (www.semcofl.com) provides a surface with no grout and much easier maintenance. It also creates a more modern finish if you have grown tired of the old look of your tile.

A qualified professional can stop by your home and resurface your tile for you. Resurfacing involves working with specialized tools and materials which can bond to tile floors and even walls. It also works in interior, exterior and dry and wet areas such as bathrooms and showers.

Why Us?

Floor tiles become dull and outdated as time goes by. For residential tiles, it is quite embarrassing as the appearance of floor tiles can change the whole outlook of your interior. Florida sands make their way inside of your house and degrade your tiles due to their abrasive nature.

The grout becomes stained and discolored and the tiles become dirty. As time passes, cleaning the tiles back to their original state can be a costly effort that may not provide returns if an outdated look is negatively affecting your property value.

Resurfacing your floor tiles is the best option in many cases. Resurfacing creates a brand new look of your choice without the dust and headache of tile replacement. It also takes less time and the result you get is beautiful and long lasting.

The quality of the resurfacing material plays a significant role here. We use the best quality products from www.semcofl.com to make sure that your floor tiles get the utmost care and maintenance it deserves.


Floor tiles of your house or business aren’t something that you would leave in a state of decay. You have to take care of them immediately. And, doing so is more convenient than ever; credits to the newest innovations in this sector.

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