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If you’ve been searching for a “microcement installer near me” you’ve come to the right place. We are a South Florida based installer servicing Miami, Broward, Palm Beach and surrounding areas. We can apply our microcement over virtually any solid surface. Create beautiful seamless finishes that imitate concrete, venetian plaster, lime plaster or other decorative finishes. We can do all of this without the common downside of these materials which is a lack of durability and a high porosity. Concrete and plasters allows water to penetrate into their pores which creates aesthetic and structural issues over time. Whether its a waterproof stucco, pool coatings, shower coatings, stair coatings, walkways or a roof deck coating we can dramatically improve your space.


Why use microcement?


Not all microcements are created equal. The products we use are waterproof, incredibly durable and they come in such a wide variety of colors and finishes that they are sure to achieve the look you need. As long as you have a solid surface to apply to we will bond to it without delamination so that your property will have lasting beauty for years to come.


Whether you have a block wall, drywall, existing stucco or cement board we can create a beautiful and seamless polymer cement surface that will completely change the way it looked before. If impact resistance is important we have sealers that can withstand a lot of abuse and abrasion.


Pools and pool decks

Your pool and pool deck can be made from the same rugged, beautiful and lasting material. This is the only microcement installation we know of that can be applied inside the pool, on the pool deck and over any adjacent masonry and solid surfaces.


Bathrooms and Kitchens

Areas with water and food products require more durable and low maintenance solutions. We apply our microcement directly over tile, stone and other bathroom and kitchen surface in the finish of your choosing.



Can microcements hold up to commercial traffic?

The microcements we apply are used in some of the largest hotels and government institutions in the country. In many ways the products we use are over engineered for the applications we install them in. We want to be sure that you have an installation that will last for decades.


Can microcement be applied over damaged tile?

Our microcements can be applied directly over discolored, broken or etched tile. We also fill in missing tiles or repair cracked tiles. If there is major structural damage or all of the tile are water logged and delaminating we would recommend tile removal and abatement of the moisture causing condition before proceeding with our microcement resurfacing system.


Are all microcements the same?

No, microcements vary in cost, quality and the types of applications they can be applied in. We use the top microcement in the market from www.semcofl.com. Because we use the finest products we have less headaches and happier customers.



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