Bathroom Resurfacing

Why would you consider our bathroom resurfacing services? Do you have a commercial property like a restaurant or office building. Or, a home you want to make improvements on? Renovating bathrooms is one of the best ways to improve the value of a property. Unfortunately, with all of the plumbing penetrations, cabinetry and other protrusions bathroom renovations can be very expensive. They can also be very time intensive. 

We offer a way to resurface any solid surface in your bathroom without having to remove the existing substrate or fixtures. We can trowel a beautiful and low maintenance finish around any existing protrusion.

Bathroom floor resurfacing 

Floors in bathrooms have to be low maintenance. They also have to be able to withstand the impact and potential staining from from bodily fluids and toiletries. Also, bathroom floors get wet so they cannot be slippery. Our finishes are highly stain resistant and they do not absorb pigments or bacteria. Unlike tile grout, PVC or wood floors our proprietary finishes do not absorb odors or staining agents. They are also not slippery when wet.

Shower wall resurfacing

Shower walls tend to have damaged grout and grow mildew due to how wet they tend to be. In addition, they get covered in soap scum and other hair and skin products. We install a waterproof concrete finish that comes in a wide variety of finishes. It is easy to clean and it is not slippery to walk on when wet.

Our Bathroom Resurfacing Steps and Procedures

1. Meet with client, establish goals and set expectations

It is important to understand what our clients want and what their vision is for their resurfaced bathroom. We also need to set expectations of what needs to be done before the work starts.

2. Make bathroom resurfacing control sample

Before any work starts we make a control sample that is the color and finish guide for each area of the project. It is crucial that our clients are happy with this finish because this is what the areas will look like on the floors, walls, countertops, benches and anywhere else the finish is applied.

3. Prepare the area

We protect any adjacent surfaces, including walkways, mixing areas etc. Any plumbing fixtures that have to be masked will be protected or we will work with the client to make sure these items are removed before the work starts. We also do a thorough cleaning of any surface where we will be installing the products so that we get perfect adhesion for a long lasting installation.

4. Apply the bathroom resurfacing finish

At this point we will install the base coats, finish coats and sealers to create a durable finish that will hold up to water, cleaners and day to day use of the space.

5. Clean the workspace

At this point we will finalize the work, remove the masking and put anything back in place that was there before.

Bathroom resurfacing 4
Bathroom resurfacing 6
Concrete finish tile resuface
Tile resurfacing 7
Bathroom resurfacing 5
Tile resurfacing and texture
Tile resurfacing 7