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February 17, 2022 / Interior

Outdoor Tile Restoration in Florida

Outdoor tiles take more of a beating than indoor tiles. So naturally, they get damaged more quickly. Repairing tiles is not very efficient. Installing new tiles is neither economical nor convenient.

If your tiles are worn out and need some fixing, restoration with top-quality materials can do the magic. With a minimal investment, your tiles can look brand new.

Purpose Of Tile Restoration

Tiles tend to get dirty quickly. Although tile is not porous, it’s still not impenetrable. If you don’t take proper care of your tiles, they will turn out to be extremely dirty, slippery, and discolored very quickly.

The solution is to seal your tiles for longevity and maintenance. When you apply a sealer, it reduces the porosity of the tile and grout. This increases resistance to dirt, staining, wear, etc. There are various types of tiles requiring different types of sealers.


If your tile and grout is looking tired and worn the best solution is to clean and seal them with a long last sealer. Replacing tiles is expensive and time-consuming. So instead, restoration is key. Proper tile sealing restores the original look and feel of tile, improves slip resistance and reduces maintenance over time. Both the time and expense required to do this are much less than installing new tiles.

Importance Of Outdoor Tile Restoration

Tiles are one of the most popular flooring solutions these days. There was a time when mosaic floors were widely used, but tiles have replaced mosaic for quite a long time. It is because tiles are cheaper than mosaics without compromising aesthetics.


Tiles are subjected to abuse day after day. Exterior floor tiles endure the abuse of rain, sunlight, dirt, footsteps of pedestrians’ day after day and around the clock. Tiles are quite resilient, but prolonged exposure to these factors not only damages the tiles but also affects grout. Grout is the cementitious material that fills the space between installed tiles.

Grout in particular is porous and prone to degradation. Through the pores, bacteria and other contaminants can enter and cause a breakdown. Also, if you don’t keep your tiles clean; getting rid of the dirt after a while will become difficult. Traditional methods used to clean tiles sometimes have adverse effects.

The following are the reasons why you should restore your tiles:

1. Extending the Life

Dirt and grime not only make tiles dirty; they can also deteriorate the tile condition and reduce lifespan. Dirt makes its way through the tile and grout and eventually breaks them down. Also, tile floors are quite expensive. Installing tiles is also time-consuming. So once your floor tiles are out of order, you are in for a lot of trouble.

Tile restoration with proper methods and products can save you from all that hassle. If you properly seal your tiles, their lifespan will automatically increase.

2. Ensuring Safety

As dirt builds up on tiles, they not only become dirty but can also become slippery. This is very dangerous because people walking might fall and injure themselves. Fall injury can range from embarrassing to deadly. This type of injury can cause contusions, shattered jaws, broken bones, concussion, and even death.


By keeping your tiles clean, you are not only taking care of the tiles but you are doing a favor to people. Proper cleaning and maintenance of tiles are beneficial for your tiles and the people around you.

3. Improving Appearance

One of the main reasons that tiles replaced mosaic floors was because of aesthetics. Leaving your tiles without cleaning for a long time will cause discoloration. The aesthetic of your house or business is a matter of pride to your guests. So dirty looking tiles will not leave a good impression.

By restoring your tiles you bring back the shine your tiles once had and greatly improve the aesthetics of your worn out floors.

How Tile Restoration Works?

Tile restoration involves cleaning your tiles and then applying a tile restoration sealer. It is done by a qualified professional. 

Step 1: First the tiles are sweeped. Any loose dirt or grime on the tiles are removed with a microfiber cloth. 

Step 2:
A mix of specific cleaners with water at the right ratio is made. Then it is used to clean the tiles until no dirt, discoloration, grease, efflorescence or other contaminants are present on the tile and grout. The tile is also lightly sanded with a fine sandpaper to properly receive the sealer.

Step 3: The tiles are finally steam cleaned and all residue is vacuumed. 

Step 4: A separate cleaner might be used to clean the grout. This because the grout is different in structure than tile so cleaning them with an alternate solution is required.

Step 5: After that the floors are dried. 

Step 6: Finally a hybrid sealer which is both penetrating and topical is applied to restore the original look and color, prevent foreign substances from penetrating it, improving slip resistance and reducing maintenance.

Step 7: Wait 4 hours before having any foot traffic

Why Us?

Maintaining your tiles is not a walk in the park. It takes real work experience and mastery. Also, product quality plays a huge role. If the best technicians use mediocre products, it won’t yield any good results.

On the other hand, someone who’s not good at the work won’t be able to do any good even with the best product and equipment. So, it takes both to take the right care of your tiles. We use the best quality products from REXPRO for tile restoration.

The RexShield tile restoration system penetrates deep into the grout and creates a dense matrix. At the same time, it forms a protective layer on the outer surface to repel mold, mildew, and various bacteria. The RexShield tile restoration system is non-toxic, kid, and environment friendly. So, you can be assured to get the best results.


There was a time when even the slightest problem with tiles would result in a costly repair. But with the invention of modern technologies, the days of worrying about your tiles are gone.

Pool resurfacing

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