Balfour Hotel | Miami Hotel – Spa Resurfacing

The goal in this spa resurfacing project at the Balfour Hotel was to resurface the outdated tile and plaster spa and create a brand new look. The key in this type of project is to preserve the crisp angles and to ensure a waterproof finish that has lasting beauty. In addition, the microcement plaster had to compliment theĀ  Moroccan theme that the designer was trying to achieve. By offering the ability to provide both plaster resurfacing and tile resurfacing on adjacent surfaces we created a seamless look that solved the client’s design challenge.

Spa resurfacing cost |Jacuzzi resurfacing cost | Hot tub resurfacing cost

When estimating the costs of spa resurfacing the following factors need to be considered.

  • The amount of square feet to be surfaced
  • How uneven the surface is (how much labor it will take to get a uniform finish)
  • The desired aesthetic – More complicated finishes and designs will drive up the costs
  • Condition of spa/hot tub – It the spa is leaking this will have to be addressed before applying a coating. If the hot tub is cracked or needs to be reshaped then this will add to the material and labor costs.

Spa Repair | Jacuzzi Repair | Hot Tub Repair

The items on a hot tub that may require repairing may have nothing to do with the actual surface coating. Pipes can be damaged, pumps can have issues. Our work with recoating can address the following:

  • Cracked fiberglass, tile, masonry or plaster
  • Leaking hot tubs – When we resurface a hot tub we provide complete waterproofing
  • Rearranging the shape of the hot tub – add benches or other features or fill in voids or holes.

Resurfacing Fiberglass hot tubs vs. Resurfacing Plaster and Tile Hot Tubs

Our microcement can easily resurface fiberglass, plaster or tile hot tubs equally well. The materials we use bond very effectively to almost any surface. Once they are dried and cured they last a long time underwater and in the presence of spa chemicals. This rugged finish works equally well in commercial or residential finishes.


Even though the client got a beautiful finish they never paid their bill. Is the check still in the mail?

  • Location: Miami, Florida