Black Plaster Wall – Fort Lauderdale Residence

In this project the designer wanted to create a black plaster wall to create a semi-metallic look. The eyebrow extending over the garage was intended to contrast with the rest of the wall to create a stunning visual effect. In order to achieve this look first the shape of the eyebrow had to be created with near perfect dimensions. This was done by using a laser to make sure all of the trowel work met the appropriate specifications. Also, it was essential to trowel out any surface blemishes, dips or voids on the flat surfaces of the work to perpetuate the metallic look. Lastly, through the use of stains and colored sealers we created the final finish “jet black” effect.

Black Venetian Plaster vs. Black Microcement vs. Black Stucco

Venetian plasters are rarely used in exterior applications especially in salty Florida environments. The benefit of Venetian plasters is that they can create a very smooth finish because they don’t have heavy sand in them which can create too much texture. Stucco, on the other hand, is commonly used in exterior applications but it tends to have a rougher finish. To get the right look on this project and have a finish that would last it was necessary to use a black microcement. This allowed the surface to be both smooth and long lasting.

Black Wall Design Ideas

There are numerous ways to incorporate black wall finishes in the design of a project without having them be overbearing. In hot areas like Florida it might add too much heat absorption to a building if the entire facade was black. A black feature wall, shower wall column, stair or virtually any other surface can compliment a design without having to take it over. Black wallpaper  is used extensively in design as well.


  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida