Why You Should Consider Stone Sealing

I think we all can agree that stone surfaces look very classy. There is something about a marble floor that screams luxury. With all that premium look, however, comes the need for some maintenance. Stone requires periodic sealing. This guide will be all about why you should consider stone sealing.

Natural stone requires sealing to keep it looking pristine. It can also help with keeping its original color and shine and to help fight mildew. Sealing stone acts as a protective barrier against various elements.

There are a ton of benefits as to why you should maintain your stone. Some of them are aesthetic and some of them are related to durability and longevity.

Why You Should Always Seal Stone Surfaces

Stone surfaces look awesome. But if you fail to seal them properly they can quickly look tired and damaged. That will leave you with a drab-looking stone floor or wall. Not the most attractive thing to look at. 

There are a couple of very good reasons why stone requires sealing. Here are the primary reasons to consider.

1. It Helps with Preservation

This is probably one of the most important ones. Stone can be very expensive to install. So, naturally, you would want to preserve it the best you can. Using a good sealer will keep your countertop or any other surfaces in your home looking pristine.

You can use high-grade sealers that will get the job done with ease. And you will have the peace of mind that nothing will happen to your precious home surfaces. It will not start to look dull or lifeless any time soon.

When the stone comes in contact with water and other components, it can leave mineral deposits behind. A sealant will help you prevent these problems.

2. Reduces Abrasion and Scratching

Sealing stone surfaces will also give you extra protection against scratching and surface abrasions. Nothing is quite as annoying as having a perfectly good stone floor with a single glaring scratch in an obvious place.

When you seal it, you give it a protective layer that will help prevent those ugly marks. It will help with abrasions as well.

3. Stop Mildew Growth

A lot of homes suffer from mold and mildew growth. Those look very unappealing and can sometimes even be dangerous for your health. This is especially the case with exterior stone in places where you have a lot of rain, like in Florida. Sealing stone surfaces will help you fight mildew growth much more effectively.

It even makes it easier to clean the surface as well. So, you can get rid of any kind of build-up pretty easily. After cleaning up, you can also wipe the surface down easily so no trace of moisture is left behind. This will further prevent mildew growth.

4. Discoloration and Stain Prevention

When you seal any stone, you do not only protect it against scratches and mildew. You will also help the surface retain its gorgeous color as well. Sealing stone helps any kind of liquid just seamlessly roll off the stone.

Without any kind of sealing though, it is a completely different story. The liquid may get absorbed into the stone and will stain it. And we are sure you do not need us telling you that it looks pretty ugly. Sealing stone surfaces will give you awesome stain prevention.

5. Restore the Original Look

Picture this, you get your superb natural stone floor installed. The first month or maybe even the first year, it looks absolutely fantastic. However, as the years go by, it starts to lose its charm.

The color gets duller and stains start to appear. Well, there is a way to prevent all that. Yes, you guessed it right – sealing. Sealing the natural stone will help it retain its original look. And in some cases, it can even enhance the color so it looks better than before. Now, that is something special.

6. Sealing Makes Stone Less Slippery

This one is a bit self-explanatory. When you seal stone, depending on the sealer you use, you can make it less slippery. This will help in day-to-day usage.

Not to mention that it will be much safer to use as well (and less annoying). So, sealing is the best way to go about it. 

With all that being said, choosing the right kind of sealer is very important. You cannot just go with any random sealer you find online. There are a couple of things you should consider first. Mainly, the type of stone and how you want it to look and perform will determine what sealer or specific formulation you should use. 

The stone finishes, how well has the stone been maintained so far, and stone location are pretty important factors to consider when choosing the right sealer for your pristine stone surface.

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Wrapping Up

There you have it. Now you should know all about why you should consider stone sealing. Since stone can absorb stains and lose its vibrancy over time, sealing will help you keep it looking great – like the day you first got it. 

There is no point in having a stone floor or shower if it looks all drab and uncared for. This is why sealing stone is so important. It will increase longevity, make it much less slippery, and will help against mildew and stains.

Written by: Enduring Surfaces