Tile Restoration Services

Are you in need of tile restoration services? Tile is a durable material but the grout that separates each tile is highly porous. This grout absorbs water, is prone to discoloration and can grow mildew. Tile itself can become discolored over time and without proper maintenance it will break down. Whether you have a ceramic, porcelain, Mexican Saltillo or other tile you can restore its original beauty and reduce future maintenance through the use of our tile restoration service.


Following a proper cleaning and surface preparation we apply a proprietary sealer that penetrates into the surface of the tile while creating a glass like film on the surface. This makes your tile look like new. It will be much more abrasion resistant and easier to clean over time. It will also not absorb water and generate odors the way it used to. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, living room or commercial space we can restore your tile to outperform its original factory finish.


Restrooms and Kitchens

Restaurant and supermarket kitchens and restrooms are particularly critical places where our tile restoration system can help. Bacteria and odors penetrate deep into grout making unsanitary working conditions. The grease, oils and acids from kitchens and bodily fluids from bathrooms create lingering odor that is difficult to remove. Our proprietary cleaning process eliminates the odor causing bacteria embedded in the grout. After this we apply a patented sealing system that prevents the penetration of foreign agents into the grout. It also restores the former look making the floor shiny and new while creating a surface that is much easier to clean. Grease and oils will not stain the grout and less intense chemicals are needed to remove unwanted materials from the surface. The floor also becomes harder and more wear resistant.


Mexican Saltillo Tile Restoration

Saltillo tile is a beautiful and traditional tile found in many homes throughout Florida. It can look very worn over time. In addition, it has often been sealed with sealers that are flaking, delaminating, discoloring and looking unsightly.


Our Saltillo tile restoration services will bring your tile back to its former beauty. We create a long lasting restoration that won’t revert back to looking tired over time. 


Exterior Tile Restoration

Outdoor tile can become faded and slippery with time. Grout in outdoor tile can easily grow mildew and can wear away quickly. We can restore damaged grout and make it non-porous so that it will maintain longevity in beauty and performance. For slippery tile, we can increase the slip coefficient so it is safe to walk on when dry or wet. 


Commercial Tile Restoration

Whether in a lobby, restroom, walkway or other similar application commercial tile takes a lot of abuse. In order to maintain an expensive look and feel your tile should be like new. We can resuscitate tired old tile and bring back the former gloss, color and sheen it once had. In addition, we can make your tile less slippery and safer so that your floors are not a liability.