Fort Lauderdale Restaurant

In this La Planta restaurant on the popular Las Olas boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Florida project the designer wanted to create a tile effect without the high maintenance and headache of grouted tile. The resulting handcrafted finish creates a head turning floor that effectively complimented the rest of the design. Achieving the crisp color difference between each triangle took serious craftmanship.

When choosing flooring for a restaurant it is critical to create a surface that is both easy to clean and slip resistant. With many types of floors, especially tile and grout floors cleaning chemicals and oils can break down the floor quite quickly. Our use of the Semco microcement system ensured a rugged floor that is both beautiful and easy to maintain. Due to the continuous passage of waitstaff from the kitchen to the dining area there is a steady tracking of food and drink material around the restaurant. Commercial kitchens are notorious for having unclean floors so the choice of the right material and proper execution is critical to get the right balance between safety and ease of cleaning.

  • Location

    Las Olas, Fort Lauderdale

  • Size

    2000 sq ft

  • Applications

    Commercial kitchen floor