Pool Resurfacing

Are you considering pool resurfacing or pool deck resurfacing? We offer an unparalleled pool and pool deck resurfacing solution. We use the only product on the market that can be used both inside the pool and on the pool deck. You can also wrap columns, feature walls, waterfalls and any nearby solid surface with our decorative finish. This allows you to create the same or complimentary finish anywhere in or around your pool.


Crack Repair

Cracks are a common problem on pool decks. It is very common that the proper expansion joints were not made when the pool deck was originally built. If those joints do not exist then we can cut them for you. We also provide a variety of solutions to reduce the likelihood of cracks reappearing through our finish.


Concrete Pool Resurfacing Finishes

We offer one of the only methods on the market to create a true concrete finish in and around pools. Most pool resurfacing solutions are a standard blue or white finish,. The main difference is that our concrete finish is not made of actual concrete so it does not grow mildew, break down or stain the way regular concrete does. In addition, our concrete look can be applied on any surface near the pool giving you a modern look without the weight, porosity and thickness requirements of conventional concrete.


Comparison to other pool resurfacing coatings

Compared to Marcite, Diamond Brite, Pebble Tec or other conventional pool resurfacing finishes our seamless stone finish is much more resistant to chemical breakdown. These traditional finishes are composed primarily of portland cement which is a highly porous and chemically reactive material. These finishes are not meant to dry out so if you drain the pool they have to be quickly filled in order to not damage the pool. Once installed, the materials we use can be dry for weeks if necessary during the installation process or after.


Leaking Pool?

Is your pool is on an upper floor of a building and leaking into areas beneath it? Or, is your pool consistently losing water and it needs a new finish? We offer an integral waterproofing solution that ensures the waterproofness of your pool while also creating a new and unique finish.


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